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Windows Update for Firefox? Yes, it is possible...


Welcome to the Sixty Seconds Support, Software & Sales website, the home of 62NDS Solutions Ltd.

Online Tools
Here you can do an online virus scan, look up DNS information, decode "Encoded Jscript" webpages, get random WEP keys, and other stuff. Some tools may be appear to be familiar, but they have been enhanced slightly. >>>

DriverAgent is a FREE online driver scan and update website. You can download drivers for all types of devices quickly and easily. There are driver downloads for devices made by companies that no longer exist, and you can also find all of the latest Windows Vista drivers and driver updates. >>>

Virus Source Code
View real examples of virus/worm code, including CIH, MyDoom and Bagle.Ad. The samples on this site are harmless PROVIDING you do not change any file extensions when saving them to your computer. >>>

A range of freeware and shareware downloads; including stuff that is written and supported by 62NDS >>>
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